Healthy is a Lifestyle.

Music. It’s my everything. I dont talk about it often, but it was a very big part of my livelihood for more than half of my life. ⠀

Music is like oxygen to me. ⠀
It lifts me up. It helps me forget. It makes me want to dance. It makes me FEEL. ⠀
I hear music all day every day. I even count exercise reps in 8’s.⠀
And I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many musicians in my real life, still. ⠀

Music inspires me as a fitness teacher. It pushes me in my own workout. Without the grit of rock, the nasty of gangsta rap, the twang of country, the soul of the blues, and the funk of funk, I might not be as motivated to reach the levels it helps elevate me to. ⠀

Thank god for music. ⠀

What about you? What’s your current go-to workout jam? ⠀
What’s your Spotify playing? ⠀