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Gluten Free Spaghetti with Asparagus, Peas and Parm


This started out as of those “no waste” meals where I clean out my pantry and fridge and come up with a delicious meal “by accident”.

How many times do we say, “there’s nothing in the house” and more often than not, it’s just not true. Sometimes we just need to look a closer, get a little more creative and pretend like we’re on the Food Network’s Chopped. Lets see whats in our basket (aka pantry) and make a meal out of it.

I think a good thing to always have stored in your pantry is a few extra boxes of gluten-free pasta. You can always throw a meal together in a pinch. Any leftover veggies in the fridge can be roasted, sautéed, or grilled and easily added to any pasta.

Sautee up some minced garlic in olive oil, add veggies and add a little of the pasta water, season with a little salt, add the drained pasta to the pan of veggies, combine all together, and add a generous amount of parm, red pepper flakes and voila… dinner is served!



That’s exactly how this came about.



1 box of gluten free pasta (I love Jovial Foods brown rice)

olive oil

1 garlic clove, minced

¼ cup onion, diced

1 bunch asparagus, trimmed to 2-3 inch spears

½ cup fresh green peas

kosher salt to season red pepper flakes to season

parmesan cheese for serving



Make spaghetti according to instructions on pasta box.

While pasta is cooking, in a large pan, heat olive oil over medium- high heat. Add onions and minced garlic and let cook until onions are translucent, about 3 minutes. Add asparagus and salt. Using a ladle, add one ladle of pasta water to the pan of veggies.

Once pasta is done, add drained pasta and peas to the pan.  Combine together for another minute or two.

Before serving, drizzle a little olive oil and add grated parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes if desired.