Healthy is a Lifestyle.

Flowers that look like beautiful butterflies are aka ORCHIDS.

They are soooooo easy to take care of, if you just know how they liked to be loved. (Like women… errr… I mean human)

1. They love INDIRECT bright light. So, find a bright room that gets a lot of natural light. The leaves should be a bright shade of olive green. Darker leaves means the plant is not getting enough light; red-tinged leaves mean there’s too much exposure to light.

2. They only need to be watered with room temperature water once weekly! Sometimes more in the summer, sometimes less in the winter. When in doubt, go an extra day.

3. They prefer bark chips… not soil.

4. They liked to be talked to.  Okay… there’s no science behind this. But I just think it’s a mutual respect thing, ya know? They bring me joy, so I thank them out loud for making me smile. I tell them how beautiful they are. I sing my best version of “Here’s Comes The Sun” and it works. Trust me, women… errr… I mean flowers… like this.

Do you have any other tricks or advice to keep these beauties happy?