Healthy is a Lifestyle.

Meditation meets Movement

Its a myth that meditation happens only when you light candles and sit still, cross-legged. ⠀

The truth is, when you are deeply involved in any activity, you become meditative.⠀

Running has always been and still is my favorite and most effective way to meditate. ⠀

The discipline.⠀

The breathing.⠀

The rhythm. ⠀

Sometimes I let the music guide me. Other times, I repeat a mantra for the entirety of a long run. ⠀

Even though I love group exercise and all that it offers, I will always cherish the activities that allow me to spend time alone with just me. In a world where we are so connected to others all day long, it feels good to log off from that and log on to only me. ⠀

Mostly, above all, keep moving. Find an activity you love. Something that challenges you. Something that makes you sweat, smile and feel more alive in mind, body and spirit. And then do that. Often. ⠀

For your head. ⠀

For your heart. ⠀

For your health. ⠀

For your happiness. ⠀ ⠀