Healthy is a Lifestyle.

Let’s talk morning routines! ⠀

A morning routine can help set your day up for success. ⠀

Here’s mine: ⠀

4:30a Wake up ⠀

Kiss the pup ⠀

Pour myself a cup of ambition⠀

Write about my intention for the day in my journal (and then later with you on IG)⠀

Dressed and out the door by 6a with breakfast in hand. ⠀

People always ask me why I have to get up so much earlier if my first isn’t till 6:30?⠀ My answer: because rolling out of bed and into the car gives me tremendous anxiety. I work with people who need my undivided attention, so I have to be in a good headspace before I walk into their session. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

How we set up our morning, sets the tone for the day. ⠀

I’m not gonna lie, it helps to be a morning person. But it’s also important to me that I practice what I preach. ⠀

So.. I take my time waking up. I meditate on the good I know I have ahead of me. ⠀

What does your morning routine look like?