Healthy is a Lifestyle.

If I have any real healthy advice to offer, here it is:

Don’t give your heart to anyone who withholds from telling you how wonderful you are.
You are.

Don’t hold on to anyone who tries to make you feel you’re hard love.
You are not.

Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t know how to express their appreciation for you…

Don’t let anyone convince you its your fault they fall short.
It’s not you.

And there’s no need to be sad…
Here’s why:

DO know… with every fiber in your body

you deserve to be valued.

DO know… with every part of your soul
you deserve to be adored.

DO know… there is a special person out there waiting to cherish you.
You deserve to be cherished.

And may you never settle for anything less than what you deserve.️

There now… isn’t that something to be excited about?

Keep the love flowing. Keep the Faith.
Life works in the most magical ways.⠀