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Roasted Chickpeas


There is real magic in roasted chickpeas. They act as croutons in my salad, they are a great on-the-go snack in a little baggie, they fill out my Buddha bowls and add texture, fiber and protein…and they are DELICIOUS.


Over the years, I have experimented with different techniques and tricks to get the perfect kind of crispy. The magic of roasting chickpeas happens in 4 easy steps.

I always use canned (or my most favorite, Jovial Foods jarred chickpeas – Whole Foods as they are jarred in BPA-free glass containers).


The #1 crispy tip is to rinse, drain really well and the dry really really well. Like really well. The less moist, the chickpeas are, the crispier they will become!


Once your chickpeas are dry, #2 peel the skins.

You can skip this step if you want as it is slightly more time consuming, but it does help them crisp up a bit more in the oven.


#3- Oil, Salt and Season them up.

I use olive oil (or avocado oil) , kosher (or sometimes sea) salt, paprika and cayenne pepper for a little kick. I have found that too much seasoning can interrupt the crisping process, almost trapping the moisture in and not letting the chickpeas breathe. (you could also use curry powder, chili powder or anything that sounds great to you)


#4 Bake at 350F (176C) for 45-50 minutes. In experimenting, I found that, at too high a temperature, the chickpeas burn quickly while being tender in the center. And if too low no crisping seems to happen for a very long time.


EXTRA tips

#5 Let the chickpeas cool once out of the oven. Tip#6 is to store without a sealed lid letting the chickpeas breathe and stay crispy longer.



1 15 ounce can, drained and very well dried

1 Tbsp (I eye ball it, honestly) olive oil or any other neutral oil like avocado oil.

sea salt





Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Line baking sheet with parchment paper

Drain chickpeas well, spread them over  clean absorbent towel and use your hands to gently roll and dry the chickpeas. Some of the skins will come off. You can opt to peel all the chickpeas, or just remove only the ones that come off on their own.

Transfer the chickpeas to a mixing bowl and top with oil and salt and other chosen seasonings. Mix well to combine.

Bake for a total of 45-55 minutes or until golden brown and crispy to touch. Halfway through, turn the pan around and shake the chickpeas around for even cooking.

Remove from oven and let cool 5-10 minutes – they will continue to crisp up as they cool.

Serve atop salads in place of croutons or keep for a snack in a loosely covered Tupperware container or jar. Crack open the lid so they can breathe a little. They are best on day 1, but will last up to 5 days at room temp. OR you can seal well and freeze for up to a month.