Healthy is a Lifestyle.

I am not a fan of raw garlic, mostly because it doesn’t like me a whole lot. BUT… how do I love roasted garlic, let me count the ways. I would gladly trade it in for butter any day. Roasting garlic changes the chemical makeup of the garlic so that it’s easier to digest. I am very sensitive to raw garlic, but as with many people, I can eat a lot more garlic if it is completely cooked, with fewer side effects than I would get from eating it raw.

One of my most favorite indulgences is to mash the roasted garlic up and spread it over fresh sourdough toast or a freshly baked French baguette. Also, roasted garlic is great to use in pasta dishes, or mix in with Greek yogurt for a delicious dip… really anything. Another thing I like to do is to put a whole roasted garlic bulb on a charcuterie or cheese board along side other veggies and meats and cheeses. It not only adds flavor but also makes the board look great too.

However you choose to use it, it will magically make everything taste better.




Olive oil




Drizzle a couple teaspoons of olive oil over each exposed head, using your fingers to rub the olive oil over all the cut, exposed garlic cloves. Cover the bulb with aluminum foil. Bake at 400°F for 30-35 minutes, or until the cloves feel soft when pressed.