Healthy is a Lifestyle.


My closet isn’t the only place that gets a little seasonal makeover. Come spring and summer, I naturally tend to lighten things up in color, scents and weight. But come fall and winter, I crave a more rustic, cozier, warmer feel. So out with the light colors and linens and in with the faux fur throws and richer tones.


It’s all about setting the mood. Truth be told, I have scented candles in my home all year long. Having good taste in candles might not seem like a big deal, but when you walk into someone’s home who does, you instantly know it. During the spring and summer, I usually tend to go for more citrus, floral and ocean-like scents; airy and fresh. But once mid-September comes around, I might switch to scents like spicy cinnamon and tobacco to earthy truffle to comforting bourbon brown sugar. These are the aromas that get me in the mood for sweaters and boots and all things fall related.


Another thing I have in my house all year round are symbols of faith. I have crosses laying on my table, hanging Hamsa Hands, Buddha statues, and my favorite Saints around protecting me at all times. I also keep a variety of crystals in my home. Crystals are special by default because they’re beautifully and naturally made from the Earth. They’re nature’s little pieces of art. When we bring them into our homes, we bring the Earth in as well and create a more nurturing environment. Different crystals emit different energy, so you want to make sure you’re channeling the right energy into the right rooms. In my bedroom on my night stand, I keep Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is used for self-love and gives off a gentle, nourishing energy. It will literally surround you with love. Even just one by your bed will help generate a soothing, calming feeling. Amethyst is great by your desk or to an area where you do a lot of thinking. Amethyst is very relaxing, clarifying, spiritual, and great for opening your mind. Since a cluster has so many different points, it’s also great for an office with other people—it will send positive energy to everyone in the room. One of my favorites to bring into my home during the holiday time is Black Tourmaline. Its powerful in area of the home, but especially great by the front door or entry way. It’s very protecting and acts as a negativity transmuter, so you can essentially “wash off” anything from the outside that you don’t want to bring in. I tend to entertain during the holiday time a little bit more, and even though I love having guests, they carry their own energy into my space. And while it may not be negative energy for them, it may work against me. Black Tourmaline is a very earthy energy that can be very balancing. If you ever feel exposed or need protection or boundaries, this is a great crystal to work with.

(it can also be really good to have by a computer for the same reason.)


I choose to stay with neutral colors all year. Then, I can play with accent colors based on how I’m feeling seasonally. For instance, come fall I may switch out the white throw for a warm cashmere-like tan blanket. But one thing is for certain, I always have a piece of animal print somewhere. Whether it’s a cow hide rug under my coffee table, or a velour cheetah print pillow, or a furry faux fur throw on the chair, it’s an easy way to create a warm and cozy feel to any room, which is usually the feel I look to create in the cooler seasons. Also, it’s gender neutral so everyone feels comfortable. Besides, who doesn’t like a little wild to go with their cozy. Roar.

Whatever you choose to accessorize with, let it reflect your personality, create more peace and help you smile when you come home to it at the end of the day.


From my house to yours.